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Monday, August 1, 2011

Porridge with Cream, Honey and Brown Sugar

Camping trip number two. This time, it was 95 degrees, not 68. Oh well. It was breezy under the trees at our camp site, and night time was a bit odd. Very humid, yet cool. I was cold and sweating at the same time. 
Being on a camping trip makes me realize how much I love my husband. He knows I'm scared of bugs, and kills them for me. I also surprised myself a bit on this trip. I wasn't as scared of bugs this time as I normally am. Perhaps because I was expecting them.
"Oh look, a bug is on my leg, let me flick it off" came out of my mouth rather than my usual "ahhhhhh!!!".
Unfortunately, I burned the hell out of my feet. Jon put up bug sticks. They stick out of the ground and burn slowly (with no visible flame). I walked into one of them (I didn't see it). I thought I got stung by ten bees. Nope, just hot ash. Very, very hot ash. 

My foot doesn't look too pretty as of now.
This breakfast was delicious. The steel cut oatmeal we made with milk instead of water, and added honey, cream and brown sugar. I love camping because I get to take little bottles of condiments.
Sausage is delicious. We used the grease from the sausage to cook our eggs. We made use of everything and ate the eggs right out of the pan. We're cool like that.

Steel cut oatmeal takes time to make, but it well worth it. If you smothered it with with butter, I wouldn't object, in fact, I might love you more.

Porridge with Cream, Honey and Brown Sugar
1/2 cup Irish Oatmeal
two cups low-fat milk
brown sugar
half & half of butter

Into two cups of briskly boiling milk sprinkle 1/2 cup of oatmeal, stirring well. When the porridge is smooth and beginning to thicken, reduce heat and simmer uncovered for 30 minutes stirring regularly. Serve with half and half, brown sugar and honey.

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