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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Love Cake to Remember

I love these people. These people make me smile.
A rose cake, for two amazing people. 

 Growing up, it was never about sad times or hard times, it was about happy times. Times where I learned, and laughed, and loved. I grew up with unconditional love. I grew up in a town house, with rainbow blinds in my room. I grew up thinking that there was a talking green box in our back yard that gave me candy when I was good (thanks, Dad). I grew up running through sprinklers, riding my bike, always feeling safe. Having adventures in the woods, watching my mother cook, and always feeling so incredibly loved.

 My parents are my inspiration. They are the perfect couple. Still strong after twenty something years. Still handing out so much love, so much happiness. Still making each other so happy, and still making me feel like the luckiest daughter. Not everyone is this lucky. I really have it all. Thanks, Mom and Dad. I love you more than all the stars in the sky!


  1. Katie,
    what a gorgeous cake and a beautiful tribute to your parents! They are very lucky to have you for a daughter.

  2. Thank you, Lynne. How sweet of you to say!