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Friday, March 11, 2011

Cute Cupcake Ideas

I love winter, I love skiing, I love rosey cheeks, I love eating fresh snow, (ha, yes, I am weird, you see?)
I also love spring. I like being outside without being freezing, light weight coats, leggings, leaves, birds, running outside (when my shin isn't hurting). But, spring also makes me sad, because winter isn't around anymore, which means no more ski trips this season.
There is only thing that can cure my ski fever. 
Cupcakes. Cupcakes make me happy, verry happy.  I know it isn't officially spring, but oh well. Spring inspired cupcakes!

Can I admit something to you? I was so excited when I was decorating these cupcakes, that I was dancing. Why? Because decorating cupcakes is too much fun, like amusement park fun, but without the nausea. 
When I decorate them I feel like a little kid again.
Tomorrow I'll be making cupcakes with my favorite cake batter and icing, but these were just a simple yellow cake, and simple vanilla icing to practice using my decorating skills.


  1. and they were both pretty and yummy!!!! :)

    thanks for sharing!!


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